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Building a Brighter Future


Published Date: 23 April 2021

Saavan’s Trust exists to help improve the lives of impoverished children through education in rural parts of the world by building schools and providing education where there is none. We believe education is paramount in building confidence and community, security and character, and makes a tangible difference that children can rely upon in future life.

We partner with Action Aid—a leading global children’s charity that provides Saavan’s Trust with local knowledge and team support in specific rural areas and we work with them to identify new projects. Action Aid manages the local logistical issues which allows Saavan’s Trust to focus on the build and to work closely with the local community.

Our work is hands-on, meaning we are involved in the actual construction at the site and oversee the entire build process. We not only build the schools, but we also furnish them with classroom furniture and provide educational materials such as books, writing boards, and pens and pencils.

Most importantly, every single penny we raise is given directly to the build and those who need it most. None of our trustees are remunerated and the costs of flying and staying on location are all covered privately.