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APAC ECD Mark Armstrong talks entering a new agency market

mark armstrong

Published Date: 19 October 2021

Mark Armstrong, APAC Executive Creative Director, shares his learnings from opening Singapore and Sydney studios with The Drum for their 'How do you solve a problem like...' series.

"The biggest mistake when growing into a new market is thinking you know it all, or that what you have done in other markets will work again. Stay naïve, identify what makes you different and make that your focus.

It’s important to be clear on your values. Don’t compromise on them but understand that the way they manifest will be unique to each market. The success of our Singapore and Sydney studios is down to two things that embody our values: people and culture. This sounds obvious but is extremely challenging to get right.

As we start building our presence in Shanghai, finding the right talent – people who champion new ways of thinking and see boundaries and conventions as challenges to push against – is the number one priority. Our people are our most precious asset as a business."