They say never mess with a classic. But even icons need sprucing up every once in a while. We’d already revamped Ritz with a pack design that placed the iconic crackers shoulder to shoulder on shelf, catching shoppers’ eyes and putting the glitz back into Ritz. But with a new brand positioning, improved recipe and the snack landscape getting itself into healthier shape, Ritz was ready for a refresh…

To communicate the new ‘from the Ritz bakery’ positioning and permissible tastiness of the healthier recipe, we simplified and modernised the previous design style, introducing a natural texture and a clear ‘BAKERY’ callout within the Ritz brand marque.

A key challenge of the brief was to define the role of red across the Ritz portfolio, so we built a clear system that heroed Ritz red for the core cracker product and gradually gave way to sub-range colours.

Then we supported this strategy with clearly defined range architectures, signifiers and assets to create diverse product ranges that still shared a common Ritz bakery feel.

The result is a unified, more permissible range that still packs in the deliciously snackable flavour consumers know and love. So form an orderly queue, the Ritz bakery is open.

Take a look at:
Take a look at: