That age old evening debate. Stay in or go out? Home-cooked or table booked? But wait! Why can’t you have restaurant quality taste with take home convenience? Well drop those keys, shut the front door and get the dinner tabIe laid. Because now you can…

Pizza obsessives since 1965, PizzaExpress had just such a dream – for their customers to enjoy their great tasting, restaurant quality pizzas in the comfort of their own home. So we set about ensuring the same visual experience of the PizzaExpress brand, whether they were scanning the supermarket shelves or a restaurant menu.

We cooked up a premium pack design using all the right ingredients – the warmth of the restaurant environment, the passion and expertise of the pizzaiolos working there, and the quality of the fresh food they create.

We began with unapologetically heroic PizzaExpress branding, complemented by handwritten typography for extra authenticity and easy navigation. We then created a bold beacon of colour in store with the bright, flavour-driven Classic range, while the more premium Romana products are distinctly differentiated with a sleek black and silver foil finish.

Breaking the hearts of pizza-lovers everywhere we also shunned category conventions for large product windows, instead using mouth-watering photography to reassure customers that these pizzas contain the same fresh, delicious ingredients they enjoy in PizzaExpress restaurants.

The final result creates unmissable standout for the brand in store and allows ‘dinner-ditherers’ to choose the PizzaExpress experience any night of the week.

So the only thing left to decide is who turns on the oven…

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