The story goes that Green & Black’s began with a humble dark chocolate sample, made from organic cocoa beans by one half of the founding couple. Pleased with the quality of his creation he left the half-eaten bar on his desk, where it was later discovered (and devoured) by his wife. She declared it some of the best chocolate she’d ever tasted and together they began making more. The moral of the story? Unattended chocolate will get eaten. But also that good, ethical sourcing creates the most delicious flavours…

Our intensely satisfying challenge was to capture the excitement and flavour of modern premium chocolate for Green & Black’s in the US, against the backdrop of a mass premium chocolate category that was all too often traditional, stagnant and staid.

Inspired by the Green & Black’s sustainable ethos we started with only quality ingredients, stripping the brand back to its core equities and leaving nothing behind that didn’t add flavour or texture to the story.

Colour is central to the brand (‘Green’ is for ethical and sustainable beliefs, ‘Black’ for the intensity of the cocoa used) so we imbued it with further depth and meaning via natural, layered landscapes on pack. Harnessing the power of colour also allowed us to remove product photography from the design, instead delivering flavour at a deeper, more sensual level.

The new Green & Black’s identity sits within an elegant charcoal holding device to ensure cohesion across the colourful range, and – not forgetting our ethical credentials – we balanced the refinement of foil details with a new ethical quality seal and the natural feel of uncoated board.

The vibrant final result marks an exciting new direction for the brand, capturing the ‘taste you can believe in’ positioning and cutting through the cluttered wall of mainstream premium chocolate brands.

The world of mass luxury is moving on, but with a bold look for Green & Black’s new Pure Dark and Pure Milk Chocolate range, it won’t be left on the shelf. And certainly not on any more desks.

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Take a look at: