In August 1775, Alexander Hamilton and his ‘Hearts of Oak’ militia orchestrated a daring raid on a British battery in lower Manhattan. In doing so they not only captured the cannons, but also the headlines and the hearts of the nation. So, what better way to commemorate their defiant spirit than an American-made premium rye whiskey, distiled in the borough right next door… introducing Fort Hamilton.

Capturing the unabashed patriotism of the American Revolution, we brought the story to life through intricately crafted illustrations, each one depicting a heroic moment in the revolt against the British. From the outset, we knew that bespoke detailing and finishes were critical in order for Fort Hamilton to truly stand out in the rapidly growing craft whiskey category. A design rooted in the era; from the intricate detail of the meticulously crafted cannon and battle scene, to the Fort Hamilton brand marque and typography inspired by the military insignia and signage of the time. Signed off with Hamilton’s rally cry: “Liberty or Death”.

This is the new world of revolutionary craft.

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