Hop between the sun-drenched bars of Andalucía and there’s only one beer brand you’ll see – Cruzcampo. Born in Seville in 1904, Cruzcampo is brewed to retain its quality flavour even when served at the sub-zero temperatures demanded by the heat of southern Spain. But while the beer’s flavour has always stayed bright, 110 years in the sun meant the brand’s quality perceptions had begun to fade.

Our brief was to create an iconic new Brand Visual Identity for Cruzcampo, reigniting the soul of the brand to reflect its market leading position and arming it to expand its reach – first across Spain and later internationally.

To do so we’d need to tackle three key challenges: tell a relevant brand story to reconnect with a young adult audience, elevate brand perception to drive credibility, and rationalise the portfolio to define product roles and futureproof the brand.

Our journey would take us through branding, packaging, communication campaigns and into the world of craft. But to write the future of Cruzcampo we first needed to understand its past. So we went back to where it all began – the Cruzcampo brewery in Seville…