When Rasmus Tholstrup created the first Castello cheese in 1893, he couldn’t have imagined the journey his creation would inspire. But thanks to his legacy of blending expert skill with inspired imagination, nearly 125 years later the brand that began in a small Danish dairy is now enjoyed by cheese-lovers in five continents…

Castello’s ambition was to make its ‘creatively crafted’ cheeses more meaningful to an experience-hungry foodie audience, by dialling up the sensorial taste experience.

Packaging needed to capture that feeling, but over time the growing Castello family had resulted in disparate pack designs across a wide variety of structures.

We unified the range with a dynamic sash conveying quality and authority, at the same time creating a consistent area for the refreshed Castello crest and cleaner strength indicator.

Behind the sash, the cheese taste is brought to life with a unique pattern that echoes the sensorial experience of the product, whether smooth, sharp, creamy or crumbly.

Each pack is finished with a product name styled to complement the taste, and a simple but delicious cheese shot to really get the taste buds tingling.

Sensational cheeses. Now in equally sensational packs.

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Take a look at: