Everyone needs a little boost once in a while and Bassetts Vitamins is no different. Despite its strong position in the vitamin sector, the Bassetts Vitamins brand faced strong competition in this crowded and colourful fixture, and needed to make its range easier to shop. Not ones to stand by and watch a friend in need, we took a pack of soft and chewy pastilles, sat down and chewed it over.

Bassetts Vitamins had been the first to create a delicious soft and chewy pastille and it certainly took the vitamin market by storm. Over the years the brand has had its challenges, however throughout all of this Bassetts Vitamins’ strawberry pastilles had remained one of the best-selling children’s vitamins and had the highest frequency of any recorded brand in the market…no pressure then!

In a sea of colour, we set about creating a design that would make Bassetts Vitamins shout loud and proud, reminding mums exactly why they love the brand so much. Brand World creation enabled us to focus on a design that brings back the ‘jelly man’ with a bang. An empowering masterbrand approach sits in a semiotically soft and chewy world that you just want to reach out and squeeze. The ‘jelly man’ is living large on the baby packs and travels with you throughout your teens only to wave goodbye as he sees you off into adulthood.

With a new juicy, fruity, soft and chewy lease of life, we have given the Bassetts Vitamins brand its long needed vitamin boost.

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