Making waves

You know the feeling. You get a little older and your priorities shift. You want to have fun, but you need to take care of yourself. Sometimes you’d love a beer, however you’re not so keen on the calories and carbs that come with it. The time was right for healthier alcoholic choices to take center stage. After all, who’s going to say no to some good clean fun?

With consumers switching into healthier, naturally ‘better for you’ alcoholic beverages, 
Mark Anthony International wanted to capitalize with a totally new type of refreshment – 
a 100% natural seltzer that combined the best of traditional seltzer craft with the twist 
of 5% alcohol and a hint of fruit flavor.

To brand this revolutionary product we turned to our High Concept Innovation process, leveraging consumer-tested inspiration territories to create a pair of brand narratives and 
a range of design concepts which captured a coastal vibe.

Researched on both sides of the country, there was one clear winner. ‘White Claw’ was inspired by the legendary white claw waves that travel in threes across the ocean, crashing on the shore to create a refreshing spray that’s echoed in the crisp taste of the drink.

The design itself draws inspiration from maritime New England and the lobster shacks that line the coast there, designed with natural rustic charm and simplicity and brought to life across cans and secondary packaging, then expanded into the wider brand world.

The result is a sophisticated adult brand that looks as good on the outside as the drink 
that’s on the inside. Just pure, crisp refreshment. Naturally.

Strategic tools used
High Concept Innovation
Brand Identity Ecosystem
White Claw Mark Anthony Bulletproof Packaging Design
White Claw packaging design logo
White claw hard seltzer packaging range
White claw multipack Bulletproof design