Snack for the journey

As technology brings us closer together, exploring the globe seems just a click away. But for those with true exploration in their soul, it’s the feel and flavor of a place that really matters. The warmth of the sun, or the taste of a local ingredient. They say a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. We wondered if one could start with 
a single bite too…

The brief was ambitious and exciting – create a wholesome new billion-dollar brand that would disrupt the global snacking category and lead the way for decades to come.

So, we turned to High Concept Innovation – Bulletproof’s proprietary innovation approach that puts concise ideas with immediate understanding (‘high concepts’) at the center.

We knew our health-conscious Millennial audience loved first-hand experience, but also lived vicariously through Instagram, often sampling local culture via local cuisine.

So, armed with this insight and relevant wellness and snacking trends, we created a range 
of high concepts and took them on a worldwide research tour, optimizing as we went.

‘Global Explorer’ emerged as the clear winner - healthy snacks with regional flavors, baked using authentic local ingredients, which also inspired the ‘Véa’ name (Latin for ‘journey’) to invite consumers on a trip for the taste buds.

A unique product deserved a unique pack, so we commissioned hand-painted patterns 
to cue the cultural origins of each flavor and lend a human touch to the design. Meanwhile the warm, vibrant Véa sun device shines over naturally lit photography to showcase the 
raw, simple ingredients and the imperfect (but delicious) snacks they create.

A wholesome new snack brand with flavors from the furthest bazaars. Now available 
to global explorers everywhere…

Strategic tools used
Trend Casting
High Concept Innovation
Mondelez Véa packaging design Bulletproof New York
Mondelez Véa brand innovation design Bulletproof
Bulletproof New York packaging design agency Véa