Wiener takes all!

Hot dog sales had gone decidedly cold. Growing consumer skepticism about the meat they were buying had sent sales into decline, with some consumers buying less often and others leaving the category altogether. Brands would need to work hard to win them back, and with 
50% of hot dog purchase decisions made at shelf, quality counted…

Oscar Mayer was responding with changes. It was the first national hot dog brand to change its recipe across its entire range, meaning no artificial preservatives in its meat, no added nitrates or nitrites and no by-products. It needed a new pack to match.

We dug into the archives and discovered that back in 1929, faced with similar consumer distrust of the meat industry, Oscar Mayer had introduced a simple yellow paper band to his hot dogs – his guarantee of quality for consumers.

So, we paired a modernized version of this yellow band with delicious, mouthwatering product photography, wrapping the hot dog to create a one-of-a-kind design architecture and reminding consumers of our heritage and authority.

Then we turned our attention to the variant colors, maintaining the existing coding, but choosing richer, warmer tones to reflect the quality improvements to the hot dogs inside.

Finally, we introduced bold, clear callouts of the key recipe changes, underlining the quality of the Oscar Mayer brand and making the recipe improvements impossible to miss at shelf.

So, when you next pick up a pack of your favorite Oscar Mayer hot dogs and see the distinctive yellow band, you’ll know what’s inside is 100% great tasting hot dog and 0% mystery. Wouldn’t you love to be an Oscar Mayer wiener?

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