Revolutionary spirit

In August 1775, Alexander Hamilton and his ‘Hearts of Oak’ militia orchestrated a daring raid on a British battery in lower Manhattan. They captured the cannons, the headlines and the hearts of the nation. So what better way to commemorate their defiant spirit than an American-made premium rye whiskey, distilled in the borough just next door…

Our proprietary innovation process had identified Alexander Hamilton’s spirit of rebellion as the inspirational platform for our new whiskey brand, and the battery raid by the Hearts of Oak as the most powerful way to express it. Now we needed packaging to match…

Capturing the unabashed patriotism of the American Revolution, we brought the era to life with detailed storytelling and intricate illustrations, each one depicting a real moment in the revolt against the British.

From the outset we had the freedom to explore bespoke finishes to make Fort Hamilton stand out in the category, so we copper-foiled the meticulously crafted cannon and battle scenes against a commanding blue-green background.

Meanwhile the hand-lettered type is inspired by the military insignias and signage of the time and flanked by filigree, with the challenger mindset and Hamilton’s untiring spirit reinforced by the rallying call for ‘Liberty or Death’.

The result is a distinctive new whiskey brand that celebrates a historic display of unconquerable spirit and blends the old world of fierce revolution with the new world 
of revolutionary craft.

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