Ding dong, Avon calling…

But no one was answering. Despite 130 years of heritage and some of the highest brand recognition in the world, Avon was losing relevance, being outshone by challenger beauty brands in retail and on social media. But you don't spend over 
a century in business without a little know-how – so Avon set out to show the 
competitors that beauty was more than skin deep…

The world of beauty was changing. Real beauty was becoming rooted in wellness, talk of ‘anti-aging’ was fading, natural ingredients were in and exercise and mindfulness were taking the place of makeup.

Our challenge was to create a supplements brand that represented these holistic health and wellness needs, using the transformational power of innovation to reinvent Avon and offer modern women beauty results they could feel as well as see.

We began by identifying a busy ‘Striving Revivalist’ audience, whose internal mojo was sometimes sapped by external demands, and who dreamed of returning to their best selves.

Then we used our proprietary High Concept Innovation process to create a new brand built on ‘empowering radiance’, and through our All Senses Naming tool we named it ‘Espira’ – inspired by the French ‘espoir’ (meaning hope) with influence from the English ‘aspire’.

We brought Espira to life through a pack design bursting with optimistic energy. Vibrant patterns emanate upwards and outwards from the brand mark, cueing the inside-out power of the natural supplements contained within, and creating a health and wellness range that’s effortlessly shoppable.

Natural, healthy and uplifting. Now that’s real beauty.

Strategic tools used
High Concept Innovation
All Senses Naming
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