Elegantly eccentric efficacy

Imagine a truly immersive spa and skincare experience – tranquil and soothing, yet enlightening and dramatic… Welcome to ESPA, a proudly British family business that obsesses over attention to detail, prides itself on every aspect of the consumer experience and approaches life with a slightly eccentric perspective. Yet the brand had failed to translate these values into its burgeoning retail range…

ESPA had some of the best products on the market, but the packaging was in need of a facelift to take the brand from ‘best kept secret among friends’ to a global ‘in-the-know’ audience.

Our challenge was to capture the ESPA brand values, experience and aspirations through a new globally-focused design, exciting and engaging consumers and making the purchase moment as pleasurable and relaxing as the ESPA experience itself.

Our treatment started by going back to basics, interviewing everyone from the founder to the core consumer audiences, then massaging out the details to glean insights that would inform the positioning and creative direction.

These insights inspired a contemporary, sophisticated visual expression, exciting the senses with a balance of elegant details and eccentric flourishes, which extended beyond the pack and into the wider brand world through texture and finish.

Rejuvenated, renewed and feeling fabulous – we’ve uncovered the fountain of youth for ESPA.

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