Packed with juicy goodness

Apple & Eve had spent 40 years setting its stall out as the ‘go to’ brand for tasty, healthy juice drinks – the perfect partner for nurturer moms looking to fuel their families with fun-filled goodness. But even market leaders need a refresh from time 
to time, and Apple & Eve wanted to show modern moms it still had the juicy goods…

Apple & Eve’s design was revolutionary in its day, however the juice category had shifted, so the packaging needed modernization and a healthy boost of portfolio cohesion.

Meeting the founder illuminated the inspiring, hands-on story of the brand’s roots in helping moms make better choices, which we supported with a brand safari through the streets 
of New York to discover the modern face of delicious fruit and juice.

Then we used our strategic tools to inspire the ‘Orchard True’ creative platform – focused 
on natural, quality juice with no nasties – and the ‘Farmers Market’ creative concept, which captured Apple & Eve’s role in bringing all-natural juice straight from farm to consumer.

Each ‘stall’ represents a range within the portfolio, with different awning colors and signage styling to aid consumer navigation, and different backgrounds to capture the particular attributes of each range.

The result is new packaging that’s grabbing fresh attention in store and making sure Apple 
& Eve’s tasty, healthy juice products continue rolling into shopping carts. Now in market!

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