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We are
not an
we are
a tribe

Gush Mundae - Founder
Jonny Stewart - Managing Partner

Strategic brand and packaging design is what we do. New York, London and Singapore is where you’ll find us – and where our mix of different interwoven cultures creates a rich tapestry of seminally strategic ideas and unrivalled creativity, with a fiercely independent spirit.

Our name isn’t a dressing – it’s a belief that all work must have a genesis in impenetrable ideas. Born from restlessness and a frustration with the design agency sea of sameness, we march to the beat of our own drum.

Our story is no fairytale – it starts with Gush and Jonny meeting while studying graphic design and advertising. You couldn’t have two more different people, from different backgrounds and cultures – however, a shared belief system brought them together to forge a bond thicker than blood. Together they’ve built a global creative tour de force unlike anything else on the planet.

Our beliefs have remained the same since our inception and are the foundation on which Bulletproof is built:

  • Great ideas change the world – positively affecting human behavior
  • People make the difference – our tribe is diverse, imperfect and unstoppable
  • Stay naïve – shun the notion of experts and follow a more curious path