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Top 5 Most Inspiring Places To Visit In London

With our studio being located in the bustling heart of the city, there’s always lots going on near work. So this May bank holiday weekend, we decided to set off and explore the best exhibitions and events in the vicinity. Here are my top 5 finds!

National Portrait Gallery London1. National Portrait Gallery

We started off by visiting the National Portrait Gallery, which houses a collection of portraits that range from important historical figures, to modern celebrities like Ed Sheeran. Even if portraiture’s not for you, the gallery is worth a visit just for the building’s architecture. Dating back to 1856, the gallery is as much an art piece as the work it holds – the ornate archways, intricate ironwork and stunning mosaics give this building its timeless historic charm.

National Portrait gallery exhibition

2. Ecover’s Rubbish Cafe Pop-Up

Next it was on to Covent Garden, where eco-friendly cleaning product manufacturer Ecover have launched a 2 day experience to inspire customers to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic with their ‘Rubbish Cafe’. The cafe would only take payment of a piece of plastic rubbish which they will then recycle. Ecover used the pop up to promote it’s new washing-up liquid bottle which is made from fully recycled plastic and is fully recyclable too. As well as the free salad and bottle of water, we picked up a free sample so our dishes this week will be squeaky clean, with no adverse effect on the planet.

Ecover Rubbish Cafe Covent Garden

3. The Japan Centre

Just a short walk from Piccadilly Circus we found the Japan Centre – offering the largest selection of authentic Japanese food, drink and lifestyle products in Europe. The store not only provides your kitchen staples like rice and noodles, but it also offers freshly baked goods, a bookstore and a deli counter. The store enables you to immerse yourself into the world of traditional Japanese packaging and is definitely the place to go to for some Japanese inspiration in the form of patterns, colours and typography.

London Japan Centre packaging design

4. Southbank Centre Food Market

Hidden behind the Southbank Centre we found their very own Food Market, with street food, a range of drinks and some sweet treats. The stallholders are all independent traders providing food bursting with fresh and vibrant flavours and their stalls are fresh and vibrant too, with their hand painted signage and bold colours. On such a sunny bank holiday weekend, this is the perfect place to be with a winning combination of food, outdoor seating and DJ sets.

South Bank centre food market

5. Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf

Last on our trip was the OXO Tower Wharf. Located in the Bargehouse, we found an exhibition where over 50 contemporary Korean artists invite the audience to interact with their diverse range of responses to issues around the world today, effectively creating a ‘Butterfly Effect’. The atmospheric four-storey warehouse space holds its charm with its untouched walls and original features. The artists used a range of ways for you to interact with their pieces whether that be reading, walking round or building their work.

OXO Tower Wharf art gallery

We concluded our bank holiday adventure with a drink on the Southbank in the sunshine. It really is amazing how many great things there are to do within walking distance of our Covent Garden studio, and a long weekend is the perfect opportunity to explore them. It’s lucky there’s another one coming up in a few weeks time, as we’ve barely even scratched the surface!

Blog written by Alice