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Top 3 Sustainability Projects at New Designers 2018

Our pick of the best eco-friendly solutions…

The Bulletproof Structure team had the pleasure of visiting this years’ New Designers, held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, and scoping out the product, furniture and textile design talent.

New designers 2018

And we were not disappointed. There were a whole host of exciting innovation projects, with a sizeable number focusing on sustainability. These are our top three environmentally friendly picks…



New Designers It Has Bean Megan Stuart

Graduate, Megan Stuart’s project, ‘It Has Bean’ was born out of her fascination with experimenting with materials to lessen their impact on the environment. She often reuses objects to give them a second life and from talking with local cafe owners, she came up with the idea for this project. Megan asked the local cafes for their used coffee grounds, which she converted into a new composite material. This was then used to make coffee cup holders, trays and other hand accessories. Waste not, want not!

New Designers Sustainable design


New Designers Abbie Fawcett Wosh

This particular project by student Abbie Fawcett, cleverly reuses and recycles waste cooking oil, transforming it into natural soap. Each year millions of litres of cooking oils are poured down the drain causing domestic blockages and pollution. Abbie decided to do something about this and created Wosh, a kitchen appliance that filters the oils to create natural soap. A great initiative and fantastic design!

New Designers Wosh


It’s clear that students are already steps ahead in considering the various aspects of packaging design that have a detrimental impact on the environment. They are some of the first people to try eco-friendly materials and substrates, as well as considering what will happen to the pack once it reaches its end of life. We came across Oliver Parrott’s range of cardboard packaging made using timber sourced from Kielder Forest and bonded with low impact binders. Interestingly, it is printed with eco ink and is easily flattened for recycling.

New Designers Oliver Parrott Blue Planet Packaging

With platforms such as Kickstarter and Instagram, graduates now have the ability to gain a considerable amount of exposure, which ultimately leads to bigger and better financial investment for them. This will no doubt help to bolster the steady flow of new, sustainable design solutions.

All in all, New Designers was a great show and it was reassuring to see that the next generation of designers are thinking ‘green’ and creating designs with the environment in mind.

Blog written by Sunil.