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The Spotted Cheetah – Cheetos’ pop-up restaurant

The Bulletproof New York team recently had the opportunity (and privilege) to visit The Spotted Cheetah, Cheetos’ exclusive pop-up restaurant that was open for three brief, cheese dust-filled days in New York City. The celebrated snack brand partnered with celebrity chef Anne Burrell to create a Cheetos-inspired menu that had kids and adults alike clamoring for a taste.

Cheetos pop up restaurant New York

When it comes to brand experiences, the devil is in the detail… or the spots as it were. From the Flamin’ Hot crusting of the Mac n’ Cheetos, to the orange spotted tablecloths, every detail of the Spotted Cheetah was cleverly considered to deliver an immersive brand experience.

Spotted Cheetah restaurant interior

It’s no surprise that reservations sold out in only 5 hours. After all, this is the brand that brought us the Cheetos Holiday catalog, featuring such gifting must-haves as the Cheetos Bronzer and the $20,000 Eye of the Cheetah jewelry collection.

Cheetos holiday collection

As we walked the orange carpet up to the restaurant, the first thing we noticed was the abundant use of color and pattern at every touchpoint. Tablecloths sported cheetah spots and one waiter’s hair was even dyed orange for the occasion. Upon entering, we were greeted by Chester the Cheetah himself, appearing in his animated form on a large TV screen. Visitors were able (and at most times provoked) to interact live with Chester, played by an actor somewhere behind the scenes with the aid of cameras and movement sensors. It’s quite a gamble to put your mascot actor into real-time improvisation with consumers. However, a strong awareness of tone-of-voice ensured that every line was as on-brand as it was Dangerously Cheesy.

Chester the Cheetah pop-up event

Certainly Cheetos is lucky to have a brand personality with so much wit and playfulness. However, it was the consistent and thorough employment, which made the experience memorable. From the custom Cheetos wallpaper to the orange pawprint toiletpaper, there were delightful surprises to discover around every corner. The food didn’t disappoint either, with our party indulging in some Cheetos Crusted Fried Pickles and Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes.

The Spotted Cheetah, Cheetos pop up restaurant menu

Cheetos pop up event interior

By the end of the night, with our heads dancing from orange-colored cocktails and our fingers covered in cheese dust, we stumbled back down the orange carpet into the night. But not until we had snagged a few photos with Chester himself!

Blog written by Sadie.