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Sweat for Change Fundraiser With Vital

Sweat for change team before

We did it! Last weekend, a brave group of us Bulletproofers signed up to put ourselves through a gruelling Barry’s Bootcamp workout. It’s said to be the hardest work out in the world and can burn up to 1000 calories, through a combination of treadmill sprint intervals with weight training. But why, you might ask, did we volunteer to put ourselves through this? Well, there’s a very good reason. We were raising much needed funds for children’s charity, Vital.

As corporate sponsors of the charity, Bulletproof recently made a trip to Kolkata, India to see some of the incredible work that Vital is doing to help provide education and healthcare to impoverished children in the region. And with 100% of donations going straight to the projects, we know that every penny counts. So when we heard about their Sweat for Change event at Barry’s Bootcamp we were keen to get involved too!

Sweat for Change Vital project Anirban

This specific charity event was set up to fundraise for their Anirban school project that provides children living in rural areas with education and a safe haven too. Without easy access to government schools, the children can often be subjected to child labour or other kinds of exploitation. Currently, Vital has helped to build a drinking water well and toilets, making it a safer environment to learn in.

Founder, Yvonne Neuman kicked off the event addressing the crowd gathered at the East London gym studio. She reminded us how crucial our donations are, with each and every penny going to the school in Kolkata. The event ticket price of just £20 each pays for a child to go to school with access to cooked meals for two months! With over 50 people taking part, it was hugely empowering to know what a positive impact we were able to make with our donations.

Sweat for change Vonny from Vital

Along with the Bulletproof ladies, there were students, friends and family taking part, as well as bloggers and fitness stars popular on Instagram who volunteered to promote the event. The tension was high as we all nervously queued together before entering the darkened studio.  There was no time to lose and we jumped straight into the work-out with our instructor Jemma McKenzie-Brown and music blaring out of the speakers. Some started on the treadmills and others undertook intense muscle training, but it wasn’t long before we were all breaking into a sweat. The idea of the session is to coordinate between cardio exercise and weights. So even when you’re feeling totally exhausted, there’s only a short interval before you begin the next part of the session.

When we thought the struggle was too much, we all encouraged each other to push through in the name of charity. “Sweat for change!”, our instructor Jemma would shout at the top of her voice, until finally after an hour or so we were eventually allowed to let our treadmills slow to a final stop. Although most of us felt like collapsing on the floor, the sense of achievement at the end had us bouncing out of the room, giving each other some VERY sweaty hugs of congratulations for making it through the session.

Sweat for change fresh fitness food

And our hard work didn’t go without reward, with a whole array of delicious post-workout snacks to sample from Fresh Fitness Food, as well as goody bags filled with all kinds of fitness freebies and treats on offer.

At the end of the event, the final total raised was announced –  over £2000! Such an amazing result for the charity and it doesn’t stop there. Our fundraising page is still live and open for further donations…hint hint!

A massive well done to all involved in the first of many exciting events, but for now… I think I need to put my feet up!

Blog written by Holly.