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The Rise and Rise of Healthy Snacking….

In the UK we’re going through a healthy snacking revolution…our corner shops and cafés have been invaded by kale crisps, cold pressed juices and vegan friendly crisps that are baked and popped rather than fried.

In general in the UK we’re trying to be healthier and diets such as Paleo, Flexatarian, Vegan, 5:2 and Raw are on the rise. With this comes a need to cater to people who are trying to live this healthier lifestyle and a need to entice people that like to dip in and out of it with a healthy snack here, a virtuous meal there.

The UK has been well and truly influenced by the rise of healthy eating in the US, where it’s no surprise that the organic food market is now worth $14 billion and Whole Food Markets alone is a billion dollar business. Companies like Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola are buying natural food companies and the latter has just launched its healthier lifestyle drink Coke Life. 

Packaging plays an important role when choosing which healthy snack to eat. Consumers really want to know why this product is good for them and why they should choose it over an apple or a chocolate bar. Coca-Cola quite cleverly achieved this by using the word ‘Life’ on the pack of their new healthier offering….what is it if it’s not good for your life? Other brands call out key facts like ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Suitable for Vegan’ and ‘Organic’.

In this increasingly crowded market we wanted to highlight four brands that are doing healthy in a cool way…

Healthy snacking brands

Chia Pod

– Simple bold uncluttered packaging
– Branding replicates the shape of a chia seed
– Product show-through allows for varianting
– Call out of health benefits across their Visual Identity System suggests the all-round snacking potential of Chia Pod

RAW Health

– Branding adapts across different packaging formats and colours
– Muted earthy tones combined with brighter colours convey the flavour of the product inside and evoke naturalness
– Show-through to product allows for consumers to see the raw ingredients inside

Rude Health

– Branding and naming use a light hearted personality and suggests health doesn’t have to be boring
– Illustrations have an evocative feel and link to variants
– Simple circular devices hold information such as ‘gluten free’ and ‘organic’ to allow for ease of shopability

The Primal Kitchen

– Has a playful feel – offering the potential to appeal to healthy families
– Illustration style links to cavemen and cave drawings which links to the Paleo diet which the Primal Kitchen’s ethos is built on
– Childlike innocence and humour help to add a unique personality to this brand

Blog written by Alex H.