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Pringles Stack Shack Pops Up in New York

Time for a Stack Attack…

As anyone who sits next to me can attest, I’m a snack addict. Fortunately, my Bulletproof pod mates aren’t bothered by the incessant crunching or sticky fingers. And as one might imagine, when I was told about the Pringles Stack Shack, a pop-up only 20 blocks up, I jumped at the opportunity to make the trek.

Located in Manhattan at 41st street between 6th and 7th avenue from October 18-20th, the pop-up store could be found wedged between Sushirrito and Chick n’ Cone. So, it seemed only fitting that the Shack offered fortunate visitors the opportunity to make their own taste fusions through unique stack combos.

Stacking is best defined as a 3-chip combination, one placed on top of each other and eaten in the same bite. The Pringles Stack Shack offered 25 different flavors, some new and old, with suggested stacks paired by Adam Richman and the Pringle mixologists. But these were only suggestions. Basically, you’re left to your own devices to rank your top three stacks and ultimately create one of your own that’s packaged and delivered to you with your name on it.

When I arrived, there was a line out the door. Ten minutes later I was in, greeted by a sky-high stack of Pringles and friendly Pringles patrons handing out sample stacks and a stack customization form.

Pringles Stack Shack counter

Similar to what you’d expect at Madison Park or any seasonal restaurant, different flavored stacks were featured each day. Wednesday had the Quesadilla stack made up of Fiery Chili Lime, LOUD Spicy Queso and LOUD Salsa Fiesta chips. Thursday appealed to the French palette with Potatoes Au Gratin made up of Loaded Baked Potato, Cheddar & Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheese chips. And Friday featured the Spaghetti & Red Sauce Stack made up of Pizza, LOUD Super Cheesy Italian and LOUD Mighty Margarita Pizza chips.

Pringles Stack Shack menu

Once equipped with my flavor evaluation form, pencil and chip cup I was free to roam through life-size Pringle cans with conspicuous people hiding behind them who’d place a chip in your cup if prompted.

Pringles Stack Shack flavor stack cardPringles Stack Shack tubes

In the span of only 30 minutes, I’d tried the Backyard Bash, the Italian Beef Sandwich, the Single and Ready to Pringle, the Go Blue – Michigan, the Tater for Later, the Tangy Texas Chicken and the Bacon Ranch Pizza stacks. And, as you might imagine, my taste buds were at mind numbing levels. However, for my very own stack, I got creative. Dubbed ‘Red Hot’, it was comprised of the Loud Mighty Margarita Pizza, Kickin Chicken Taco and Screamin Dill Pickle chips.

Pringles Stack Shack bespoke pack collectionPringles Stack Shack Bespoke stack

Pringles Stack Shack goers also had the opportunity to do blind flavor tastings. I partook in the tasting, but my amateur approach to eating all stacks prior made distinguishing tastes nearly impossible.

Either way, I left with my ‘Red Hot’ stack feeling a bit thirsty, but on a flavor high.

Blog written by Eliza.