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Preservation Through Production

Like me, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nashville is music. But on a recent visit to ‘The Music City’, I discovered that off the beaten track, Cash, Dolly, Elvis and Miley (to name a few…) are not the only thing this vibrant city is famous for.

At the beginning of the 20th century Nashville was home to a thriving printing scene. From newspapers, publishers and independent print shops, Printers Alley was born.

Nashville printers alley

In the 1920’s this infamous street was a part of ’The Men’s District’ where Nashville’s elite could hang out and drink during the prohibition. Although the printers have long gone, the name remains and is a hotspot in downtown Nashville for bars and live music venues.

One famous print house still lives on. Hatch Show Print – opened by two brothers Charles and Herbert Hatch – has been at the heart of the Nashville printing scene for over 130 years. Moving in 1992 to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Hatch Show Print operates today as a store, gallery and working printshop that creates iconic music posters in a style that has been passed down for generations.

Printers Alley Nashville Hatch Show Print

Printers Alley Nashville Hatch Show Print

Printers Alley Nashville Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print pride themselves on being the antithesis of digital design. The phrase ‘timeless design’ is an overused one, but in this case entirely accurate. Carrying on the 19th century traditions and practices the only thing that changes on their posters are the music artists.

Jim Sherraden, Master Printer at Hatch Show Print – whose motto, ‘Preservation through production’, is currently exhibiting an awesome showcase of his work. His contemporary interpretations of his original posters from the past three decades are a beautiful window into the past.

Printers Alley Nashville

Being fortunate enough to see these prints in the flesh on heavy, untreated stock, you can really feel the craft and care that goes into making each and every print.

If you find yourself in Nashville, I would highly recommend stopping by. Failing that, check them out at

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