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Prada wears Venezuelan art

Prada Cruz-Diez facade

Seriously, it’s not often that you see the word Venezuela right next to the word Prada in the news! So when I came across these stunning façades for Prada’s new stores inspired by Venezuelan artist Carlos Crus-Diez, I couldn’t help but feel pure excitement. Trust me, I’ve been a Venezuelan living in Europe for nearly 16 years, without going into too much detail (given that this wouldn’t be the right space for political debate!) it’s very infrequent to see news about my beautiful native country linked to anything too positive, sadly… 

Prada Cruz-Diaz

Carlos Cruz-Diez, is a superb Latin American artist and one of the leaders of the kinetic art movement. Leading Venezuelan creativity worldwide, Cruz-Diez’s work has inspired many contemporary designers and he features in the most prestigious art galleries and museums around the world, such as the Reina Sofia in Madrid and the MOMA in New York. Seeing his work in the news always gives me a real sense of pride and longing for my home country.

The fascias produce a change in colour depending on the intensity of the light and the movement of the viewers – a constant element in the kinetic art movement. Each store will display a metal plaque in honour of Carlos Cruz-Diez and visitors will be given brochures describing his life and work. An inspiring association between a luxury brand and the world of art and a perfect excuse to go into a Prada store, whilst indulging in Latin American art culture.

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Blog written by Alexandra Almaral, responsible for International business development in LatAm.