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Our Top Graduate Interview Tips 2017

Congratulations class of 2017 – you did it! Now comes the hard part… how do you go about finding your dream job in the design industry?

With so many agencies to choose from, a good way to get a feel for the landscape is to read published rankings of the top agencies. Check out Design Week Top 100 or The Drum Indie Census to gauge where each agency stands within the market and to explore which would be the best fit for you.

Every year, Bulletproof invites recently graduated students into our studio to embark on internships where they will work on live projects for some of the biggest brands in the world. We welcome fresh talent into our tribe and love hearing new ideas to keep our work innovative and exciting!

So what do we look for in our prospective interns? Of course an eye for aesthetics and sharp software skills are essential, but how do you convey these things to your potential employer to ensure you snag the holy grail – an interview? Making a good first impression is crucial and there are a few simple rules you should stick to when applying for internships and jobs.

We asked our Internship team here at Bulletproof for their top interview tips and they decided to create a very handy poster, which you can download HERE. Now you have no excuses…go get that job!

Design credit: Intern Beth Wheatly.

Blog written by Holly.