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As a Carbon Neutral agency, we’re always looking at new ways to be green, so the girls – led by creative strategist Bella – had a night of ‘Swishing’ (essentially a clothes swap) last week. Basically, you bring in clothes you don’t want and get to take away some new (to you) items you find for free.

Clothing donations are anonymous. You drop off your bag of unwanted clothes – they then get laid out with all the other clothes for you to peruse.

Swishing Layout

Rules of the Rails:

1. Half an hour of browsing with a cocktail in hand

2. Pick your top three items

3. Try them on

4. Put back anything you don’t want

5. Keep on searching for as many items that you want from here on in.

NB. If two or more people like the same item, you both have to try it on and the group democratically decide who keeps it.

Lots of fun was had and lots of Mojitos were drank, but most importantly all the ladies went home with a bag full of new clothes. Here are some pics of the night…

Swishing cocktails Swishing trousersSwishing tagsswishing hollySwishing AlisaSwishing team
Blog written by Debbie.