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It’s that time of year again; with portfolios and nervous smiles at the ready, the graduates descend on Shoreditch for the D&AD New Blood exhibition. Armed with our “we think you’re Bulletproof” stickers, the team were ready to make someone’s day.


Our motley crew of New Blood talent scouts. Pictured left to right – Liam Houlihan, Mark Link and Vini Vieira.

The stands are packed with design agency folk, all eager to snap up the best talent for their studios, and we are no different. The six of us head off in different directions and within minutes we are chatting away to those that had the balls to approach the intimidating designers examining their work.


Norwich University student work never fails to impress

I’m sure all of us can remember what it feels like to be in their shoes – all of a sudden the work you have been labouring over for months on end is stuck up on a piece of foam board for the creative world to see. It feels like your entire career depends on it and evokes such a nostalgia in us all that it’s hard not to just give them all a job!


Some fantastic work on display at the Falmouth University stand

Every year the graduates seem to get better, the ideas bigger, the finish more polished, and for us, the selection process harder. But as always, there are the few that stand out from the crowd… so if you got a sticker, get in touch and come and prove that you’re Bulletproof!

Bulletproof stickers

Blog written by Jess Reid, designer.