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Mars Wrigley’s Sweet ReTreat Pop-Up

In light of Cupid’s day, Mars Wrigley hosted a ‘Sweet ReTreat’ pop-up located in Soho. This was a fun way to treat yourself in more ways than one! The sweet retreat offered multiple Mars product themed pampering stations to help you feel your best with a mini manicure, blowout or makeup touch-up. Michelle and I decided to treat ourselves to a quick pamper during our lunch hour and head downtown to check it out.

Upon entering, we were greeted with empty goodie bags to fill up with candy picked from the unlimited and very fruitful candy tree! We were anything but shy and quickly filled our bags to the rim with goodies knowing that everyone back at the office would appreciate some sweet Thursday treats!

Mars sweet retreat pop up

After we filled our goodie bags, we made our way around to see some Valentine’s Day inspired art installations that were made entirely of Mars’ confectionery products. Our favorite installation was the ‘Mint to Be’ piece created with Altoids containers and mints, but we were also really blown away by the ‘Heart to Heart’ piece made with Orbit and Extra gum packs!

Mars sweet retreat pop up    Mars sweet retreat pop up

Michelle and I then headed towards the ‘refresh lounge’ to get going with our pampering. I went for a mini manicure and Michelle opted for the blowout. She was pleasantly surprised when her stylist personalized her experience by giving her a braided look!

Mars sweet retreat pop up   Mars sweet retreat pop up

While I waited for my appointment, I chose from a fun menu of Mars confectionery inspired nail polish colors. Inspired by the holiday, I went with the Hubba Bubba Pink!

Before leaving, we stopped by the Dove ice cream cart for our last treat and team picture!

Mars sweet retreat pop up

This was the second year Mars executed this Sweet ReTreat Valentine’s Day pop-up and they’ll continue to evolve the event ready for next year. An experience like this allows consumers to learn and identify more with each brand’s personality and allows for a more personal experience. With such a robust portfolio, Mars has the leverage to continue to grow a pop-up experience like this in locations all around the world. This was a pretty sweet and unique way for us to interact with the Mars brand!

Blog written by Jill.