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Lucy Sparrow’s New York Felt Bodega

‘8 Till Late’

Ever since Lucy Sparrow’s felt sex shop popped up in London’s Soho, we’ve been hooked on her work and loved following her playful installations at different locations around the city. Her humorous and nostalgic creations pull on anyones’ heart strings and the most recent piece of art to adorn Bulletproof London’s office reception area is no exception. We’re now proud owners of one of her Best of British cabinets, full of classic packs from our childhoods, which never fail to capture the interest of our visitors.

Lucy Sparrow Best of British cabinet

Off the back of the success of Lucy’s London Cornershop installation in Bethnal Green in 2016, she ventured state-side following a kickstarter campaign to open a traditional ‘Fauxdega’ in Manhattan’s East Village.

Lucy Sparrow 8 'til late

(Image source: NY Times)

When our London colleagues told us the ‘Queen of Felt’ was opening her most ambitious installation yet just one minute away from our NYC studio at the Standard Hotel, our team – eager to see her work – couldn’t wait to go and check it out.

The ‘8 Till Late’ felt convenience store saw people lining up the streets hoping to snag their own handmade treasures, this time with greater focus on U.S. goodies with over 8,000 individual pieces including Lucky Charms, Reese’s Pieces and much, much more.

Lucy Sparrow 8 'till late' signage

Lucy and her talented team created a truly unique shopping experience. From the moment you step in the door, you’re greeted with felt deep freezers full of your favourite frozen foods. With your shopping basket in hand, picking up your usual shopping list of milk, cereal and eggs is a breeze.

Lucy Sparrow 8 'till late' snack shelves

Lucy Sparrow 8 'till late' candyLucy Sparrow 8 'till late' chocolate

The fresh produce is even happy to see you! Stop by the felt deli and hot dog roller grill to get some meats. Swing by the snack aisle to grab a packet of crisps and you’re ready to head to the checkout, which was also delightfully made of felt with Lucy Sparrow herself even serving customers.

Lucy Sparrow 8 'till late' hot dogs and vegetables

Although I would give all of my felt money to that store, items were flying off the shelf and into the arms of brand faithful consumers. From household family brands to playboy magazine, this shop had something for everyone. The best shopping list we saw? Two bottles of vodka, KY Jelly, and a pack of cigarettes!

Blog written by Julia and Holly.