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4 Key Themes from Most Contagious 2017

2018: Post Truth revealed…

In case you missed Most Contagious 2017, here’s our very own Bulletproof take on some of the themes we spotted from the day we’re calling: “2018: Post Truth.” In it’s 6th year, the conference gathers leaders and shapers from pioneering brands, agencies and media organisations to discuss the latest campaigns, innovations and trends – an event not to be missed.

Most Contagious 2017 header image

Post Trust drivers?

  • In a world at risk consumers are questioning trust
  • When the world is having to get serious, we’re getting by with provocative and wry humour
  • As we discover major cracks in our societies, we’re pulling together to create movements to belong to
  • While big brands are expanding gluttonously, it is the small, agile ones driving change in expectations
  • Data accumulation means that AI will know us better than we know ourselves – next level knowledge


Key Themes:

Macabre Comms

We no longer trust the ‘air-brushed’ world of advertising and being surrounded by risks and tension. We are looking for the ironic and the humour in the darkness to get by. Brands are having to be ‘balls-out’ about what they stand for to cut through the white noise of generic pushed advertising and promotions.

Great example:

AiMEN’s campaign for the French TV channel Canal utilized this macabre humour alongside complex technology. To launch the new series of The Young Pope, they built intelligent technology through IBM’s Watson service so that every blasphemous tweet was met with a relevant quote from the bible. It reached 4m people and was the best launch for a series in France.

Most Contagious 2017 Canal France advertising The Young Pope

Blockchain Alliance

‘A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks’Investopedia.

This new generation in online retail and information will create a more transparent retail future with every product traceable and featuring live tracking. Our identities and spending habits will be accountable to our peers, not corporations. This has been driven by our desire for more honest brand interactions – for the benefit of the many – leading to a democratisation of our personal information.

Great example:

The French supermarket, U, is collaborating with Snapchat glasses to live track and relay the journey of their fish, to highlight how fresh they are. Go online and view the journey for yourself.

Most Contagious 2017 Les Magasins U advertising


AI Futures

­Digital is starting to think for itself. Plugged in lifestyles have distanced us from human connection so technology is now building itself a humanoid face. Brands are starting to use this human-like technology to fill in for simple service roles – making the real humans defunct.

Great example:

Soul Machines is an artificial intelligence with a nervous system – the closest we’ve ever seen to true human interaction. Air New Zealand trialed a pilot event where they used the Soul Machine avatars to check-in fliers and talk to them about any queries and issues.

Most Contagious 2017 Soul Machines AI


Retail Futures

We have become accustomed to services coming to us e.g Seamless, Deliveroo, Uber, home beauty treatments etc. As commercial real estate becomes ever more expensive and more consumers are moving into cramped, urbanised cities, retail has had to become more agile. Technological advances have meant we’re also moving towards a cashless society.

Great example:

Moby Mart is a ‘cashier-less’ mobile convenience store that uses your phone to gain access and to pay for goods. Plus, this self-driving unit can, like Uber, be requested to travel to your GPS location for convenience. They have already launched in China with plans to expand further afield.

Most Contagious 2017 Moby Mart

For a full debrief on the Most Contagious 2017 event, head over to Contagious. For us, it has certainly become one of the highlights of the year in innovation marketing and a chance to brush shoulders with the changemakers of the industry.

Until next year!

Blog written by Bella.