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Jeff Koons – a Retrospective

Recognized as one of the most important, influential, popular and controversial artists of the post war era, I had high hopes for the Jeff Koons exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art. If you have been out and about in New York this summer, you will most likely have seen Koons’ Balloon Dog plastered across taxis, buses, billboards and H&Ms  throughout Manhattan.  So I figured it was about time I saw it myself.

Jeff Koons


Spread out over 4 floors, the exhibition featured a selection of Koons’ work including giant installations, paintings and sculptures. Obviously the main attraction was his work featured in the ‘Celebration’ collection, which included the Balloon Dog. The work was bold, eye catching and childish to the observer, but a personal reminder to Koons of his abducted son and that he is constantly on his mind.

Jeff KoonsJeff KoonsJeff Koons Retrospective

The exhibition has been very successful in bringing in large crowds including myself and a couple of friends on a Friday night. The large-scale pieces were definitely impressive up close. Of course I couldn’t resist taking a few mirror pictures with all the reflective surfaces on display.

Jeff Koons Jeff Koons

Overall the show had a lot to offer from the playful childhood toys readapted, to the interesting and suggestive work. Not forgetting the intricate sculptures and paintings. Be sure to check out the retrospective before it closes on October 19th! P.S. If you go on a Friday the exhibit is pay as you want – a great cheap night out on the Upper East Side!

To see more of Jeff Koons’ work and to read his biography, click here.

 Blog written by David, junior designer at Bulletproof New York.

(Blog feature image is sourced from Whitney Museum of American Art website)