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So last night was the Creativepool Annual launch party and a chance to mingle with the good, the bad and the ugly in agency land. After a quick spruce up, Lauren (one of the lead creatives on Haywards) and I headed to The Library Club on St Martin’s Lane…a private members club just a few minutes away from the office.

Once inside, we ordered a glass of wine each and scanned the room to see if we knew anyone. Nope! Being the social bunnies that we are, we soon ended up talking to other agency folk – we met Jon from Ogilvy & Mather who was one of the judges, then Roland from Ivory, one of the sponsors of the night and a freelance fashion photographer whose name escaped me. We also randomly ended up talking to another designer who had been shortlisted in the packaging category for his Portland England work. Everyone was keen to network and it was great to meet such a friendly bunch of people.

An hour later and the room went quiet as the founder of Creativepool, Michael Tomes took to the stage to reveal the winners.

Creativepool Michael Tomes

With packaging towards the end, we had a while to wait before we heard whether our Haywards work had won. The big moment arrived…and we waited with bated breath. Oh yes, Haywards was a winner – the People’s Choice no less! I leapt out of my seat and Lauren and I went up to collect our prize – Bulletproof’s own personal hardback copy of the 2016 Annual with our name engraved on the front.

Creativepool Bulletproof WinnerCreativepool Haywards winsCreativepool Lauren

Such a great night and such a great bunch of people. Before we left, I made sure I caught up with Michael Tomes who said what well deserved winners we were. He also said he’d pop over to our Covent Garden studio to chat about an agency cribs video so Michael if you read this, I’m holding you to that!

Blog written by Debbie.