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Futureproof Awards 2017

Make your own luck!

Each year, Bulletproof hosts its Futureproof student competition offering lucky students the chance to win a cash prize as well as a paid placement for a month in our London studio.

We send a team of Bulletproof creatives to some of the top universities including University of Gloucestershire, Falmouth University and Norwich University of Arts, where they oversee a one-day brief competition. This year’s theme was ‘Make your Own Luck’. Each student had to randomly select one card from each of three sets of cards covering packaging formats, brand names and products. The combination could be anything from a tub of beer to a sachet of bacon!

The task? To create a brand identity and packaging design from your three chosen options with just one day to complete it. All without a Mac! Sketchbooks to the ready…time to compete to win the Jackpot!

After each one-day-brief session, our team of designers photograph all the work and take it back to the studio ready for judging. This is then reviewed by our Futureproof team and a shortlist is drawn up of the top 10 pieces of work.

After much deliberation, the six lucky finalists were chosen and all received an invitation to our awards ceremony together with a fully expensed trip to London.

On the night of the awards, the evening kicked off with portfolio reviews before cracking open the Prosecco and beer.

The whole of the Bulletproof team look forward to this night every year, as a chance to celebrate some of the top up and coming talent. With each project mocked up onto display boards and mounted on easels, the Bulletproof breakout area was transformed into a pop-up gallery for the evening.

Mingling over…it was time to announce the winner and hand over the trophy. This year it was Chris Ireland from Falmouth University who took the main prize! His project was for a brand called Wild Dog. The concept behind it was a tin of hot dogs in beer which you can cook straight on the grill/barbecue.

“We were so impressed by the high standard of everyone’s ideas, but what stood out for us with Chris’ design was how hard he pushed his thinking. Chris had quite an obvious combination of Beer + Can + Wild Dog brand name, however he didn’t just do a generic beer label. He pushed the thinking and created an innovative and feasible design. We were really impressed by his overall approach and attitude,” said Beth Drummond, senior designer at Bulletproof and one of the Futureproof judges.

Futureproof Winner Wild Dog

After the ceremony, the finalists and the Futureproof team all headed over to Southern Joe’s American restaurant for cocktails and a dinner worthy of winners.

Year on year, we’re impressed by the standard of work – these graduates are the ones to watch and we wish them all the best in the world of design. Cheers guys!

Blog written by Holly.