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Fran’s Pub Quiz 2015

So it was the highlight event of the year at Bulletproof last week – Fran’s pub quiz and of course our famous quizmaster extraordinaire did not let us down yet again.

Now you can’t have a pub quiz without the necessary accompaniments – your good ol’ fashioned pub snacks (Crisps, Pork Scratchings, Scampi Fries, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Bacon Fries, Cheese Moments) plenty of booze, a mound of pizzas and snacks from Domino’s and to be on brand, 2 kegs of Heineken on tap. So it’s 6 o’clock and the bar is now open – let the fun begin!

Pub Quiz Pub QuizBulletproof Pub QuizBulletproof Pub Quiz

After rounding up the troops, Fran splits us into 7 teams with team captains Gush, Nick, Tony, Bryan, Rob, Paul and myself. I was quite pleased with my team – a great mix of talent and intelligence and the tartan brigade!

Bulletproof Pub QuizBulletproof Pub Quiz

So after much debating the team names were chosen and the pub quiz began. The first round – Music – kicked off with the question: “Elizabeth Grant is the real name of which singer?” Luckily we had some clued up music buffs in our team who could easily answer this – it’s Lana del Ray.

Six rounds later and we had covered everything from Popular Culture to Sport, of course fully believing that we could take the winning title! Now to my favourite round in Fran’s Pub Quiz – the Bulletproof round, and more specifically the face montage. Needless to say, Fran’s photoshopping skills had not improved one bit from last year so there was much speculation about who was who in the Frankenstein-esque montage. There were 7 points up for grabs with this question – I think we only got 3!

Bulletproof Pub Quiz

Once the quiz had finished and we’d all marked each other’s answers the sheets had to go back to Fran for official adjudication. To keep us out of mischief, she decided to create a bonus round whereby the winner would receive an extra 5 points. The task? To recreate any scene from Star Wars using a roll of tin foil. An exhibitionist’s dream and you could certainly see who our most flamboyant Bulletproofers were eh Ed, Bella and Ben!

Bulletproof Pub QuizBulletproof Pub QuizBulletproof Pub Quiz 2015Bulletproof Pub QuizBulletproof Pub QuizBulletproof Pub Quiz 2015Bulletproof Pub Quiz

And the winner of the bonus round was…my teams’ R2D2!

Bulletproof Pub Quiz

So for the final pub quiz results – taking the top prize were ‘Left Hangin’ led by Tony. Well done guys! Alas we only came 3rd – must have been a fix! Or so I say every year…

Bulletproof Pub Quiz

Blog written by Debbie.