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America’s favorite pastime

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, there is no sport considered to be more American than baseball. This great pastime extends far beyond just a simple competition; it becomes an all encompassing experience, a memory to be had for both young and old. The exhilaration within the stadium, the kelly green of fresh cut grass, the familiar smell of hot dogs, peanuts and cotton candy are all part of the experience you get at a baseball game. The air feels fresh on your face and with a crisp, cold beer in your hand, everything is perfect.

Baseball is more than just a sport, it brings people together. For everyone, fan or not, it provides a different meaning. At Bulletproof, with many first timers and light enthusiasts, we decided to find what our own definition of baseball is.


Although no peanuts or cracker jacks were had, excitement filled the office in anticipation of the Free Shirt Friday. Energies were rising and at the ripe hour of 6’o clock, we all sprung from our desks to head into the far away land of Queens, New York. Upon arriving, we realize that we had just entered one of the most American places- Citi Field Stadium. Sports themed show tunes roared over the crowds of blue and orange. There were families, mega fans, a dog dressed up in sportswear, all here for a single, unifying purpose – to watch the Mets play ball.


For those luckily born in 1986 (lookin’ at you, Joyce), this Free Shirt Friday was a replica of an ’86 Mets jersey in honor of the 30 year anniversary of the last time the Mets won the World Series. With these jerseys on our backs, cold beers in our gullets, and free ‘Let’s Go Mets!’ towels in our hands, we headed up to our seats. After pressing through scores of fanatics, the thick aroma of roasting meats and many staircases short and tall, we managed to reach our seats in the nosebleeds where ironically the man next to us actually had a nosebleed.



We may have been high up but- what a spectacle it was. It truly was a mesmerizing sight to see the greater portion of the stadium all rocking the same Mets jersey, coming together – laughing, cheering and being merry – to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Baseball Mets Bulletproof team

Blog written by Julia.