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D&AD New Blood 2013 – the movers and shakers

Last Thursday evening, myself and a few other designers (Mark Link, Luke Chawner and Jo Steele) headed east to Spitalfields Market to check out the best talent from this year’s Graduates at D&AD New Blood. It is a great opportunity for graduates to find jobs and make their first connections in the design world. It is also quite special to me as I met Bulletproof at the 2012 show as a graduate myself and have never looked back!

Just like last year the show was packed with over 90 booths of work; it can be quite overwhelming at times. I remember it being very difficult as a graduate to try and interact with the volumes of people walking through, so it was refreshing to see that the layout had certainly improved from last year.

Jess Reid had designed us some lovely stickers to place on the work of the students who we thought had the potential to be Bulletproof. (Apologies to the student’s boards that I stuck a sticker on; I hope it came off!) With not many to each hand, we had to be very particular with our choices.

I graduated from Norwich, a university that is very packaging driven with all their projects. They really help students be prepared for industry straight away by encouraging commercial briefs and guidance from visiting tutors at top design agencies. The talent there really stood out for us with some great ideas executed really well. It was also very apparent that the students were confident in working with commercial briefs. So here are our favourites from Norwich…

Morgan Swain designed some lovely chilli sauce packaging and advertising. Morgan won a D&AD Yellow pencil as well, congratulations!

Sam Povey, Tim A ’Court and Jason Drake designed an identity for local beer brand Redwell. You can see a further review on Creative review here.

Anthony Blease – El Yucateco sauce packaging

Zoe Batchelor – Kandula Jumbo Tea Advertising & Packaging

Samuel Povey- Birds Custard Packaging

Kyle Whybrow- Tiger beer packaging

wearenoone from University of Greenwich created this witty toilet paper.

We also loved this crafted branding by James Snook.

We all really enjoyed the evening and were pleased to see that there was a lot of inspiring work. However we do hope to see more packaging projects on show next year!

Blog written by Beth Drummond, junior designer @ Bulletproof.