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On a rainy Thursday evening at the Truman Brewery in East London, Bulletproof’s craft beer aficionados gathered to observe, discuss and drink a few of the 500 plus craft brews on tap at Craft Beer Rising. Here’s a couple of our festival fun facts:

1. Backed by their tasty brews, Renaissance, Tuatara, 8 Wired, Three Boys and the Yeastie Boys bigged up New Zealand’s craft industry. It’s fair to say the good-humoured Kiwi Craft Beer Collective are killing it on a global scale. A notable mention must go to the Yeastie Boys for the best hipster brewery name of the festival. 

Craft Beer Rising TuatarCraft Beer Rising Kiwi BeersCraft Beer Rising Yeastie Boys

2. London’s breweries are the epicentre of über cool. Our two hipster picks are the Camden Town Brewery with its Hells Lager #Hellsraiser and varsity style beanies. And the Beavertown Brewery with their intensely illustrated cans by Nick Dwyer. 

Craft Beer Rising Camden Town BreweryCraft Beer Rising Camden Hells BeerCraft Beer Rising BeavertownCraft Beer Rising Beavertown cans

3. Purity Brewing has quacked it – quality craft beer with an eco-conscience. Based on a working farm in the heart of Warwickshire, Purity’s spent grain is fed to the cattle, its yeast is fed to the pigs, whilst the hops becomes fertiliser and its wetland system naturally recycles its waste water.

Craft Beer Rising Purity Brewing

4. Simple, modern packaging design has emerged from both sides of London. The Portobello Brewing Co. stood out in bold candy colours, as did the Red Church Brewery’s confident graphic style.

Craft Beer Rising Portobello Brewing CoCraft Beer Rising Red Church Brewery

5. Mead is making a comeback. The fermented honey brews are having a renaissance – think ‘Save the Bees’ meets Game Of Thrones.

Craft Beer Rising Mead

6. The jerks were everywhere – that’s the dried meat variety. Call it jerk, biltong or snacking beef, dried meat is at the forefront of the British pub snack revolution. Check out the Meat Merchants.

Craft Beer Rising Meat Merchants

Coinciding with London Beer Week, the festival reaffirmed how craft beer has well and truly arisen.

Craft Beer Rising team

Bulletproof’s craft beer aficionados

 Blog written by Nicole.