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A visit to the Moretti Gran Tour

When temperatures in the studio hit over 30 degrees a few weeks ago, there was really only one place to go; the Moretti Gran Tour! Based in the Brick Lane Yard, the Heineken team sought escape as a little slice of Italy arrived in London’s East End. For one week only, the Moretti Gran Tour celebrates everything that matters in Italy, from authentic street food to the country’s most loved beer, Birra Moretti.

Birra Morretti montage

As the first round of Moretti ‘L’Autentica’ was served, the sun beamed down and the carb worshippers started to arrive. The venue was bustling with vendors keen to share the expertise their region had to offer, and seeing as our invite told us to arrive hungry, we naturally accepted the food challenge. From Pizza Pilgrim’s famous Puglia Margarita to the Arancini Brothers moreish arancini balls from Siciliy, it is safe to say we sampled more than our fair share of Italy’s best cuisine.

Birra Morretti outdoor event

There was a real sense of Trattoria charm in the air as the sun started to set and the venue’s wooden décor, punctuated with authentic touches, was a nice tribute to the brand’s heritage. An array of Moretti’s finest was also up for tasting for the first time on UK shores, including the recently launched Birra Moretti Regionali Range, featuring Birra Moretti alla Toscana and Birra Moretti alla Siciliana.

Birra Moretti crowd

The night was topped off by a delicious ‘Pasta Making’ Masterclass hosted by the executive chefs at CinCin, and in true Birra Moretti style, it was all enjoyed in good company.

Birra Moretti pasta making

We will definitely be heading back for more of the action next year. Grazie Gran Tour!

Blog written by Gemma.

(Cover image credit: Simons Jam Jar)