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Castello ‘pops-up’ in Shoreditch

Having a portfolio of global clients means Bulletproof’s work is enjoyed by consumers all over the world. But sometimes working at that global level means we don’t get to see the fruit of our labours on shelves here in the UK – which is especially sad when that fruit is in fact delicious cheese.

So when our favourite speciality cheese client, Castello, announced their Pop-Up Store would be arriving in London, we felt it was our duty to pay a visit. Particularly since it would feature a visual identity created by Bulletproof and shelves lined with packaging designs we’d worked on over the past few years.

Castello pop-up shopThe Pop-Up Store is Castello’s first foray into the world of retailing and is part of a wider ambition to push the boundaries of the speciality cheese category. The pairing possibilities for speciality cheese are endless; as are the moments to enjoy them. Visitors are given the opportunity to feast on Castello’s ‘creatively crafted’ cheeses, learn about the products and pairings from the knowledgeable in-store staff, and then purchase their favourites there and then.

Castello pop-up cheeseCastello cheese pop-upHaving successfully popped up already in The Hague, New York and Copenhagen, the London edition of the store was adapted to offer something a little bit more tailored to the British audience – a bar!

Anyone visiting the Pop-Up Store on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night can order themselves a drink from the nicely stocked menu, which then arrives with a perfectly paired cheese accompaniment. Whether it’s a Moscato with cream cheese on sweet shortbread, a hoppy IPA with some sharp Creamy Blue, or a glass of champagne with a truffle-infused Creamy White, there’s something for every taste. 

Castello cheeseCastello accompaniment wheelListed as one of Time Out’s top five pop-ups of the moment, it’s a cheese lover’s paradise and the perfect way to explore the world of speciality cheese.

The Castello Pop-Up Store is at 132 Commercial Street, Shoreditch until Friday 24th October.

Castello cheese pop up shopSmiles galore – a great night out was had by the Bulletproof Castello team!

Blog written by Tim.