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A Masterclass In Calligraphy

Putting Pen To Paper…

There’s recently been a spotlight on hand drawn typography online, with it’s rise of popularity through Pinterest and the mesmerising video clips we see on our Instagram feeds. One of our designers – a keen lettering artist herself – thought it would be a great idea to run a masterclass at our London studio, so a group of Bulletproofers from all parts of the agency signed up to learn the art of  ‘pointed pen’ calligraphy, taught by highly talented calligrapher Judy Broad.

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With all our tools for the session laid out, we began to get to grips with the basics. It all started off with a simple Japanese nib and angled pen and ink as we tried our hand at some of the simple practice strokes, all in deep concentration!

calligraphy workshop

We then moved on to each letter of the alphabet, which initially proved tricky. The key was to apply pressure on the pen to vary the thickness of the line that creates the classic look of the script font.

Calligraphy workshop agency

With our confidence gaining, the pen began to flow more naturally as we eventually joined the letters to make words. Our teacher, Judy demonstrated how to use flourishes that join letters and help the words flow across the page.

“Everybody has their own style,” she explained to us. You can keep the letters more uniform for a more traditional style, or create something much more modern by varying the line and spacing of the letters. By the end of the session, we were all vastly improved and our individual styles were beginning to come to life!

At Bulletproof, we’re all admirers of creativity in every corner of the business, so it was great to get back to basics and enjoy putting pen to paper… and with great results too!

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To find out more about Judy’s courses take a look at her website:

Blog written by Holly.