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Bulletproof vs Bulletproof: Triathlon Day

Over several months and after numerous discussions in the kitchen at work an idea was sparked. There are lots of us that take part in sports outside of work, and through spreading the word we had the makings of a Triathlon relay team. Swimmers, runners, cyclists or anybody up for a challenge, we started to recruit athletes of all abilities from the studio to make up teams to battle it out. For those who don’t know, a Triathlon relay is a race divided into three different sections. First is the swim, the next leg is a 42km cycle ride (that’s about 26 miles!) finishing off with a 10km run. Your accumulated times as a team determine the winner.

Eventually the date was set and the final two relay teams were decided. Sue, Marcus and I, versus Tony, Riley and Jodie. We all gathered early at Dorney Lake for the event hosted by Human Race, not far from Windsor. It was a really leafy journey through the countryside, past Eton College and made for a great day away from the city.

Bulletproof Triathlon

There were seventy teams competing and each had a station in front of the lake where we waited to transition between each phase of the race and exchange the all-important tag that recorded our time.

Bulletproof TriathlonBulletproof Triathlon

Kicking off to an amazing start, Sue came 16th in the swim (27 mins 30 seconds) and still mustered the energy to sprint from the water to change places with Marcus! Closely followed by Tony, completing his swim in under 35 minutes.

Everything was to play for between the cyclists with just over 7 minutes between the two teams. By now the clouds parted and I was just beginning to enjoy the sunshine with Jodie, relaxing by the lakeside as the men from the under 30s category readied themselves for their swim. Then Marcus thundered in, as if from nowhere, beating his goal time and finishing in 27th position! Riley had also gained some time for their team, coming in 39th place.

Bulletproof Triathlon

That meant there was now less than 10 minutes between the two teams. Despite the fact Jodie managed to outrun me by 2 minutes, our team finally crossed the finish line altogether in 2 hours 43 minutes. Just behind us in 2 hours 50 minutes were the rest of our Bulletproof crew and a barefoot Tony as they ran to the finish, greeted with a refreshing pint of non-alcoholic beer!

Bulletproof Triathlon medals

Of course, in true Bulletproof style, the day ended in a pub garden in one of the neighbouring villages, shown to us by Lauren our local guide who kindly came to cheer us on.

It was such a great day and really nice to do something a bit different. I think it can be hard to feel confident participating in things you’ve never tried before, especially sports, but the sense of achievement at the end of the day is totally worth it and I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone to try something new and challenge yourself.  Cheers from Team Bulletproof!

Blog written by Holly.