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Brandwagoning and freeloading

What is it and who’s doing it well?

Put simply brandwagoning is when a number of brands jumps onto the same bandwagon. This bandwagon could relate to an annual event, a sporting tournament, the birth of a royal baby or an interesting news story. It can be a global event like the world cup or a country specific event like the launch of a new postage stamp. 

Some of the most prominent brandwagoning happens around sporting occasions. For example the number of brands that jumped onto the super bowl brandwagon or will jump onto the World Cup brandwagon is astounding. Many of these brands will pay millions of pounds to jump onto this particular brandwagon and for many the rewards will be big.

Other brands reap rewards from freeloading. This is brandwagoning at its most reactionary and can be based around low cost, quick witted, often twitter based responses to changing events. Several brands have mastered the art of freeloading and are using it to great effect. Here are a few examples…

Adidas – Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon – Wimbledone

Adidas brandwagoning

Jaffa Cake – Launches a 12 sided Jaffa Cake in honour of the new 12 sided pound coin

12 sided one pound

Jaffa Cake brandwagoning

Anya Hindmarch – makes fun of the infamous Jay-Z vs. Solange Met Ball lift fight by suggesting they were fighting over one of their clutch bags

Anya Hindmarch brandwagoning

 Blog written by Alex Hamilton, junior strategic planner.