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Branding in a Flat Age Society

People are getting older, living longer, staying healthier, remaining younger. As celebrated author and co-founder of Age Wave Maddy Dychtwald says: “We are at the early stages of a longevity revolution.”

The over 50’s are booming. They actually have the fastest growing gym membership of any age group, they make up 45% of all luxury consumers and they start 15% of all new business in the US. It makes you wonder why brands have been so concerned with Millennials, when the over 50’s are actually where it’s at.

In fact, the over 50’s and Millennials have a surprising amount in common. They are both obsessed with social media; 70% of all US 50-65yr olds log on to social media once a day and most over 50’s females use Facebook as frequently as their female Millennial counterparts. They both love to travel – top travel destinations for the over 50’s include Bali, Ibiza and Burma. They both like to drink – in 2013, 49-67yr olds accounted for 43% of all high frequency wine purchases. Some might suggest we are living in a Flat Age Society.

Brands are increasingly able to target both Millennials and Flat Agers at the same time…and the brands that seem the most successful have a few rules:

1. Put design first

– Flat Agers are empowered by great design

– Millennials are looking for a reason to spend some of their hard earned cash – a great design will put you ahead of your competitors

2. Create ease of usage

– Flat Agers want life to be easy

– Social media has made Millennials lazy – the easier the better

3. Use bold typefaces

– Flat Agers might have poor eyesight – big typefaces are easier to read

– Millennials are obsessed with Helvetica and constantly looking for bold and brilliant alternatives

4. Assume consumer sophistication

– Flat Agers are looking for quality products that appeal to their sophisticated sensibilities

– Millennials will check online reviews to ensure products cut the mustard

Brands like Cos, Bodum and Muji seem to appeal in equal measures to Millennials and Flat Agers because they follow these rules and this enables them to create simple and iconic design that is well crafted and therefore stands the test of time. It seems that agelessness can actually mean timelessness.

Other brands that also follow these rules include:


Luxury Skincare brand founded by 65yr old Linda Rodin. Packaging and website design is simple and sophisticated with bold use of typography.


Pur Wellness Shop

Appealing to Flat Agers’ desire to stay young, whilst creating an easy to shop holistic experience.

Pur Wellness  Pur Wellness

Bilder and De Clercq

Wide aisles and simple design create a stress free shopping experience. Recipe cards are provided and ingredients for the recipes are stocked alongside them.

Bilder de ClercqBilder de Clercq

& Other Stories

Known for using older models alongside younger ones, & Other Stories make the point that ageing doesn’t mean you loose your beauty or your sense of style. 65 year old model Ingmari Lamy more than proves the point.

other stories & other stories

Blog written by Alex Hamilton, junior strategic planner.