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Bompas and Parr: Temple of The Tongue

A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Bompas and Parr, leading experts in multi-sensory food-based experience design.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are the men responsible for some of the wackiest events you’ve ever seen, which have been popping up all over London. Always striving to deliver intriguing and emotionally compelling stories to captivate audiences, new and old, these theatrical experiences explore taste in extraordinary ways and are open to all.

From Dinner with The Twits to The Joy of Bees –  their out of the ordinary experiences are never what they seem, but also never fail to sell out within hours!

The mysterious workings behind these crazy extravaganzas have always been shrouded in mystery – until now! We were recently invited on a studio tour to discover the secrets behind closed doors – and of course were intrigued to find out more!

Bompas and Parr portrait

In the midst of a London heatwave we made our way over to Bermondsey one evening after work. Upon arrival, we were greeted by what can only be described as a wizard, who instructed us to firstly place a strip of paper on the tip of our tongues, and describe what we could taste. As we expected, we could taste only bland paper – unlike the select few who could (apparently) experience a bitter flavour hit in back of their throat. We were later told we must have what they called ‘normal taste buds’. So far so good!

Bompas and Parr taste test

Each equipped with an audio headset, we began the descent into the studio. We were firstly taught a brief history of Bompas and Parr and their original aspirations to create a jelly trade shop in Borough Market.

Bompas and Parr moulds

The tour was split into different sections, allowing us to explore each room within their studio. Every room was crammed with curiosities as far as the eye could see including sculptures, paintings, musical instruments and equipment from previous projects.

We witnessed a variety of quirky items, from a sausage chart, to a grand piano used in a Johnnie Walker experience, to an old haunted wheelchair…

Bompas and Parr piano

Bompas and Parr eclectic furniture

Bompas and Parr Gin Water Dispenser

As we sipped on our watermelon gin, dispensed from the cleverly disguised water-cooler, we travelled across the studio through what felt like the 12th door of the building, into our favourite room yet – the jelly mould-making room!

The weird and wonderful tour culminated in a jelly mould-making workshop. We were given a selection of different shapes to choose from and our chosen shape was then moulded in plastic ready for us to take away. Time to get creative with our desserts at home!

Bompas and Parr Bespoke moulds

It would be unfair to make the moulds without being able to sample some of the jelly – and sure enough everyone was rewarded with delicious elderflower and fruit jelly shapes whilst we waited patiently for our jelly moulds to take shape.

We’re now the very proud owners of our very own Bompas and Parr, Buckingham Palace jelly mould!

Bompas and Parr Buckingham Palace jelly mould

A huge thank you goes out to Sam, Harry and the team for opening up their studio to us eager and curious folk!

Blog written by Charlotte.