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Blind Pig Steps Further Into The Shadows

After teaming with Heineken UK to create the Blind Pig cider brand, the team at Bulletproof were thrilled to shift back into the spirit of the Prohibition era, continuing the journey into a new drinking occasion with a modern, up-tempo twist at their event in East London to mark the brand relaunch.Bling Pig Packaging

The Blind Pig team at Bulletproof were kindly invited to attend the Blind Pig ‘drinking den’, a pop-up event in Shoreditch aimed to raise brand awareness. Along with Manchester, Leeds and Bristol, East London was selected as a key location where the brand needed to generate awareness. Prior to the evening, the surrounding tube stations, bridges and billboards were covered with Blind Pig branded posters. And an advertising campaign was hand-painted across the entire side of a building displaying a text code to be used as an RSVP allowing you entry to their secret event.

Blind Pig poster

Blind Pig tube advertising

After braving the elements to arrive at Protein Studios, the team quickly entered the multisensory sampling den. We tried all three variants of the cider and were given an insight into each flavour and aroma. ‘No photography inside please’ were the final words from the steward. However, in true Blind Pig style, we were encouraged to be ‘blind’ to the rules and discover the hidden features of the den, with secret messages on the walls that only became visible under camera flash.

Blind Pig Blind to the RulesUpon exiting the den, we then got to listen to the Blind Pig mixtape, a collaboration that the brand had secured with MixCloud and local DJ’s, which really resonated with the new brand positioning.

Blind Pig DJ event

A few ciders later, we then moved onto the secret party at Shoreditch Platform, where we partied on into the night to celebrate another great project with the Heineken team.

Cheers Heineken, what a night!

Blind Pig party

Blog written by Tom. Photography by Rex.