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Arm Knitting Workshop With I Make Knots

To Knit or Knot to Knit? That is the Question…

As with most lovers of design, it’ll come as no surprise that many of us at Bulletproof are self-confessed Pinterest addicts. An endless source of inspiration, there’s a board for all imaginable things.

We’ve recently been swooning over these on-trend oversized throws. In the year that the Hygge trend came to the UK, we’ve seen them popping up all over the internet… the perfect addition to any Scandi pad.

Pinterest giant throws

With Autumn on it’s way, we decided to call in a knitting and crochet expert, Riannon from I Make Knots to run an arm knitting workshop. You heard me! These blankets are created by weaving giant-sized threads between your arms.

I Make Knots specialise in events making all manner of hand crafted, fashionable knitwear, from handbags to baskets and throws. They host their workshops all over the world in pubs, offices, schools – you name it!

And so on a Thursday night, (with a few bottles of wine open) we gathered in the studio with our giant balls of wool at the ready, to create our ‘of-the-moment’ throws. Riannon assured us that the session normally takes up to an hour and a half, but with many of us knitting novices, we’d soon find out!

I Make knots knitting workshop

Step number one was to cast 14 knots or loops onto one arm…without getting tangled.

Design agency team knitting workshop

At first, there was mass confusion…

London design agency knitting workshop

… and some serious concentration faces!

But once we’d mastered the basic stitch, the process was easy and as the stitches added up, the blankets grew longer. It’s the same principle as knitting; you move the stitches across each arm, adding as you go to create a new row.

London branding design agency knitting workshop

Although typically a pastime popular with old ladies, the craft of knitting is having a revival. Even the boys joined in impressing us with their skills!

Back to work and as the blankets got longer, the work proved tough! The studio heated up as we raced towards the finishing line.

Bulletproof design agency knitting workshop

And before we knew it, they finally started to resemble the ever-so-cool throws. Magic!

London designers giant throw making knitting workshop London design agency knitting workshop almost finished throws

Finally, we were ready to cast off and complete our arm knitting masterpieces.

Giant throw knitting workshop

Needless to say we were all proud of our handy work.

Design agency having fun knitting workshop

At last, it was time to take them home where we could recreate the Pinterest-perfect pictures in our very own sitting rooms and bedrooms.

Finished giant throws knitting workshop

Giant throw for home interior created in knitting workshop

Yet another great studio night-in for the Bulletproof London tribe and a big thank you to I Make Knots!

Blog written by Holly.