A taste of Italy

Step outside our Italian villa into the sun-kissed kitchen garden, bursting with herbs and adorned with lemon trees. Now, look out across the misty valley and see the rolling hillsides of the Piemonte region, with vineyards and fresh produce a plenty.

A home-grown, premium Italian gin, Villa Ascenti is made from locally sourced ingredients, freshly harvested by farmers, straight from the hills of Piemonte. Celebrating the expertise from this region, known for the production of fine wines and the slow food movement. The entwining of this intrinsic knowledge and passion for excellence, with our key ingredient of Moscato grapes delivers our fresh and light Italian gin.

From foraging ingredients to forging relationships, Villa Ascenti sits at the heart of the home. It encourages us to take a break from the hum of the everyday and connect with friends and family around the table.

Our brief was to create a new brand to tap into the booming world of gin, but the challenge was standing out in a saturated category. The answer lay in the transformative power and authentic charm of the Piemonte region. With the compelling story of Piemonte at its heart, we brought the beauty of the picture-perfect Italian landscape and its distinctive local ingredients to life through crafted typography and intricate illustration.

Our journey would take us through brand creation, brand world, packaging and into the world of gin mastery…

Welcome to our Villa Ascenti.