Hitting the target...

‘Strongbow’. The nickname of a Norman knight famed for his skill with a longbow, and the landowner of the orchards from where Strongbow cider originated. A very cool story we’re sure you’ll agree, but the reality was the brand was standing still while the cider category was exploding around it. New brands were crowding it out, bringing provenance, premiumisation and flavour innovation. It was time to sharpen our arrows, steady our sights and draw our bow…

Our strategic approach identified a true and contemporary refreshment story for Strongbow - ‘refreshing edge’ - which would inform the creative direction and drive desire with our tribal drinking audience, as well as building a platform for flavour innovation.

The confident new Strongbow archer and arrowhead reflected the cut-through taste of the product and asserted the brand’s power and pride. The visual story of ‘refreshing edge’ was then dynamically played out through every touchpoint, and also allowed us to depict fruit on pack in a completely ownable ‘Strongbow way’.

The new design hit the target and led to exciting flavour innovations including Strongbow Dark Fruit and Strongbow Cloudy Apple. But over the next few years the market changed, and Strongbow needed to move with it to stay relevant and deliver even more energy and refreshment.

We refined and modernised the Strongbow word marque, redrawing the bowman with straighter, cleaner lines. Then we removed large fruit imagery to make way for a hero can shot instead, with a more purposeful arrow device cutting through hyper-real splash photography that not only cues ultimate refreshment but also tessellates pack-to-pack on shelf.

The result is a refreshed design that elevates and premiumises the Original variant, brings the growing family closer together, and sets Strongbow up for continued modern success.

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