A fresh start

Stimorol was provocative back in the day. Real Americana. The original strong taste. But while the world had moved on, Stimorol had stayed still. Once upon a time it was rock ‘n’ roll. Now it was easy listening. It was time to fix up and look sharp.

We needed a new take on freshness - one that would force a ‘hell yeah’ generation of Millennials to reconsider Stimorol as a lifestyle accessory to be proud of. As indispensable as an iPhone. As wearable as a watch.

Like generations of worried adolescents before us, we faced an awkward challenge - how do you get a 60 year old to act cool?

The makeover began with a long, hard look in the mirror. Stimorol had the products and the pedigree, but years of unchecked expansion had left it with a range that resembled a dysfunctional family – each variant playing a separate role, with no visual cohesion across the portfolio.

Stimorol had rolled with the fashions through the decades but red, blue and the silver star were always core assets, so we amplified them to deliver a standout masterbrand framework that would tie the range together, but still give freedom for individual variant expression.

And since stars are meant to shine, we put ours at the heart of our design - a window into the fresh and flavourful world of Stimorol and an easy way for consumers to navigate the range, from ‘Frost’ to ‘Splash’, ‘Senses’ to ‘Original’.

The result is branding and packaging that breathes fresh life into the Stimorol brand, recapturing its iconic coolness and inviting our audience to live out the brand provocation ‘Dare to open your mouth’.

Bold. Confident. Effortless. You can’t get cooler than that.

Strategic Tools Used
Stimorol 60 mins packaging design Bulletproof
Stimorol Max Bulletproof pack redesign
Stimorol ice bulletproof packaging design
Stimorol Bulletproof packaging redesign